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The World of Judgement Only Seeing the Person She is On the Outside

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  • The World of Judgement Only Seeing the Person She is On the Outside

    The challenge of being born different into a judgmental world encounters you ever day of your invisible life,
    Every day being reminded you can't seem normal to the standards of society,
    A visual image of yourself seeming to be the only aspect that matters in our world anymore,
    But having a flaw you cannot correct creating the most controversy,
    Quiet talk and slander over how she has an appearing defect,
    Pathetic and demeaning to such a delicate human being,
    Hurtful words run through her head destroying her beautiful mind letter by letter,
    Words of her weakness echo through her as if a song lyric leading to her deepest get away,
    Nothing left to do but dwell in her pain enriched sorrow,
    Cries of help escape her eyes but not a soul can rescue her from the ruins of her burning ache,
    She's forced to live with the afflicted pain of everyones demeaning words following her every footstep,
    Cursed with this aspect that makes her so different,
    She’s stuck in a pain enriched thought bubble,
    Secluding herself from the “normal” of the world only to be pushed away for being too abnormal,
    She’s alone until someone of her kind come across,
    Embrace yourself,
    It’s only thing left to do.