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  • Outside Looking In

    Outside Looking In

    We all walk in clueless
    Wondering what it’s really like
    To approach what is supposed to be
    The best times of our lives

    In four short years we learn
    Who we truly are
    Little did we know that we’d
    Be stepping into war

    All the friends we “have”
    Turn to all the friends we “had”
    Friends that were forever
    Stab us in the back

    We give in to the pressure
    And follow everyone around us
    Base every single choice upon
    The people that surround us

    It is a simple competition
    For who can make it to the top
    With the parties and the gossip
    The attention never stops

    Everyone wants in this world
    Without a single doubt
    But as soon as they get in it
    They’ll be desperate to get out

    We point fingers at each other
    But have we even wondered who
    It was that taught us to speak bullets
    Without considering the exit wound

    Reputation shouldn’t matter
    It is what’s beneath the skin
    It’s true I have realized this
    From the outside looking in