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Her Perspective of the Real Meaning of Perfection

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  • Her Perspective of the Real Meaning of Perfection

    His pure radiant existence makes her awe in admiration,
    She can’t help but stare and marvel at the creation of an imperfect but perfect flawless man,
    Each of his simple movements so purposeless yet so intriguing in her dazzled eyes,
    Just his simple warm touch can make her heart skip a beat,
    A beautiful glowing shade of hazel and green array through his soft eyes,
    But the stunning curve of his lush lips melts her presence only to remind her a smile that marvelous deserves the world,
    She can't help but wonder how she became blessed with the absolute epitome of this man's perfection,
    He obtains the captivating unique seductive mind of one his own,
    His idea of the world we live in allures her in
    terest in his every contrasting thought,
    His goals enticing her dream of their future by each other's
    A craving for his presence takes over her crazed body,
    A kiss from his lustrous lips can leave the sunshine of her mind gleaming for days,
    She's addicted to the affection this lovely piece of perfect human nature gives to her,
    This must be a figment of her imagination she thinks but the beautiful roar of his voice reassures her this is a dream brought to reality,
    He redefines what perfection even really means in her eyes,
    She can't help anymore but smile crazy at every aspect of his marvelous existence,
    Because she just knows this boy began what will be a true love story,
    Starting from the single breath taking kiss,
    Ending in the use of eight simple letters.