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Normal: A Word Described by Books and by Society

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  • Normal: A Word Described by Books and by Society

    Were faced coming into this world living up to society's idea of normal,
    Born into a closed mindset universe,
    Were expected to follow the footsteps of our elders to fit in with the upside down lives of each other,
    Society already has a set of orderly established guidelines of how to live your on going average life,
    Each day we grow to grasp this concept of normality,
    Our creativity and expression is seized from us by the rules set by our humanity,
    Were captured and blinded by the way our human nature expects us to fit in,
    Oblivious by this complex concept to be less of the customary even to discover the real you,
    Every person brought into this world destined to be in this world for a different soul purpose,
    Our society looks down on a person for outliving these regulations,
    A single flaw out of the ordinary talked down upon,
    Sexuality diversity frowned at,
    Skin color seeming to determine where you stand in the world,
    The matter of appearance standing in the way of success,
    Mind discrepancies viewed as unintelligence,
    Self opinions to be kept to yourself,
    Fears of being regarded as abnormal,
    Images fly through internet posts displaying more and more of the normal state we all are expected to exist in,
    Being yourself just isn't good enough in this world,
    You aren't you,
    Society conforms our idea of normal to be the guideline for our lives and if to disobey judgment throughout is the consequence,
    Don't let the mentality of our world convince you to be a figment of someone you're not,
    Normal is defined in the dictionary as standard,
    In society it's defined simply as you cannot express the freedom to be the person you were born to be.