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The test of time

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  • The test of time

    Lost in my thoughts and out in the cold.
    For whom will remain when my story is told?

    The wind blows through, chilling my soul.
    I just wish now I could fill this hole.

    life goes on,or so it may seem.
    When will I awake from this dream?

    I miss those close to me, ones so near.
    Sometimes when I am alone, I shed a tear

    At the top of the slope is a brand new day.
    And I must have hope, for a better way.

    Day by day, I only wish for the best.
    To find a way to get past this test.

    These thoughts, I must let them go.
    They bring me down, this I do know.

    So now I start my life anew.
    And with it, I choose you.

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