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  • Spider on a Page

    Spider on a Page

    tiny shadow columns lie upon the pale landscape,
    they meet the ink of carefully chosen letters and words
    once handwritten in a human world
    to catch the admiration of a beautiful girl.

    he stands motionless, thinking,
    some consideration of breeze, scent, instinct,
    and mathematical accuracy.
    he looks out across the canyon of the bedroom floor,
    and all begins to spin in an uneven dizziness.

    he moves in jolted sprints,
    pausing not to reconsider, but to recalculate,
    as if he knows there is no destiny
    but the one that is taken.
    he knows he will not fall.

    a long leap across the divide
    to secure the silvery lace.
    it will be a trap, a home, a nursery, a grave.
    he interlaces the solid threads together
    as they shimmer in the sunlight that beams across the room.

    When he has fulfilled his divine behest,
    he settles in a corner, not proud, but certain.
    He is done, content, and waiting.
    barely a scrap has been wasted.

    a web gently falls, swirling, circling down into the dark.
    this is a safe place.

    she never reads that book anymore.
    I wonder if she even remembers that I wrote it for her.

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