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The weeds of Eden

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  • The weeds of Eden

    I heard an echo (echo) (echo)

    in my sleep (sleep) (sleep)

    Don't let the past (past) (past)

    make you weep (weep) (weep)

    Yesterday (day) (day)

    was before (fore) (fore)

    Smile now (now) (now)

    forevermore (more) (more)...

    From my very first breath, to my very last breath

    sinner by birth...forgiven by death...

    A long and lonely journey is how the darkness starts

    as the prince of darkest arts imprints upon the darkest hearts

    Footprints in the sand left behind in the sands of time

    as these hands of mine choke back tears with each and every rhyme

    The weeds of Eden dragged me down until who I was...was gone

    The beautiful garden was hardened to dust as dusk followed the dawn

    Slither hither fork-tongued one, and help me drive me mad

    Trade away the things I love for things I've never had

    Sadness reigns from thunderclouds deep within my mind

    A shadow hanging over me finds me crying blind

    I cry out for the children who have yet to get away

    and all the times I didn't cry is why I cry today

    I now understand every day is planned to save this life of mine

    and each teardrop is a building block that builds a life divine

    To know me today, you have to see right through me

    If you only knew me yesterday, you never really knew me

    You only knew of me, maybe of all the pain and sorrow

    and the me I am today I hope doesn't exist tomorrow

    A train of thought becomes a plane of mind as I cross an ethereal border

    These words have been around a long, long time...but never in this order

    Disorder in the court of puzzled hearts and muzzled minds

    Lost and found and turned around as the hourglass rewinds

    back to the time when my life was mine when God's word I learned and believed

    A beautiful place with forgiveness and grace, not to be earned but received

    The Lord waited as I faded because he promised it wouldn't last

    for every sinner has a future, just as every saint...a past (past) (past)

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    Awesome, rhymarhyma. I love the echo effects, I can literally hear them.


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      Right on! I can be kinda clever sometimes, kid. Only sometimes, though.