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weeping over fallen petals

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  • weeping over fallen petals

    weeping over fallen petals

    the flower’s fingers weary, her grip loosened slightly,
    just enough to release,
    a petal fell upon the soft dirt.

    only hours before, he was quite the sight
    vividly colored, freshly washed in dew
    standing proudly, tall with all the rest

    but lately, abandoned by moisture
    sun burnt, bruise and buried in brown ash,
    he barely rose at all.

    and now, she can only recall
    the vivid hues and shimmering skin
    in dreams and in wishes that he would live again

    though only moments ago,
    memories linger no longer, no stronger
    than the breath sent upon a sigh

    She stares down upon the fallen,
    lying all around, lifeless on the ground
    her tears had once nourished them

    till she had none left to give

    and yet, in short time, another will rise to take his place
    and adorn her with a brilliant crown
    set her heart aflame again

    each way she looks, she does see the frame
    it rises in her sight,

    of love in natural form
    like God come down to live

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