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  • something seething

    something seething,

    seething deeply beneath the skin,
    the serpent’s brilliant scales shimmer,
    revelry of color,
    flash and dim like stars.

    stars upon a black sky,
    a hooded cape enveloping the day,
    hiding the disfigured face of misery
    given to a heart of grace.

    like lust, Love craves the savory taste;
    the thick and somber aroma
    that evokes memories of our ancient past,
    of unadorned flesh.

    like hate, Love rages unabashed,
    smashing its claws against bloody walls,
    tearing at the frail pericardium
    of its dimly lit chamber.

    like dying, Love gives all,
    leaping, leaving everything behind
    into the frigid Sea of Soul, fathoms deep
    into the darkness of uncertainty.

    in Love’s lair, chasms open
    where light has long ago lost its way
    some misconstructed creatures there do dwell,
    but not without mishap, not very well.

    in Love’s lair, light spills in
    Illuminates, in brilliant white, every lovely flaw
    splendid liquid drips down every wall
    into the Serpent’s open jaw.

    The Serpent, Love, slithers through a sea of blood,
    the spirit bond between us, golden bellied and fire eyed,
    The Serpent, Love, seething, sleeping in its lair.