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  • Spontaneous Combustion

    Spontaneous Combustion

    It might take you by suprise
    when your hand is caught in a flame
    that burst out from within. But know...

    It began long ago, on the inside.
    A little tickle or twinge, or like a warm shot of liquor.
    Just every once and a while, once a month, once a week,
    every day.

    This is the place that you want to be, the best part.
    It might have been set by a simple thing, a smile, a word, a look
    but it grows inside like something great.

    It dances around inside wrecklessly, tossing this and kicking that.
    But it lives off time too, consuming a better part of each day.
    Poof, an hour up in smoke.

    But then...

    Well, have you ever seen what happens? A person's body just turned to goo, burned up and blackened along with the couch, the remote control, the beer, maybe even the T.V., or maybe it still rambles on indistictively in the background.

    You thought it would be something great, something like what you imagined. But no.
    It was something, just not the something it was supposed to be.

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