about my heart

stinging little devils, go on.
with soft red skin and black bat wings,
flutter about my heart.
Prick and pick and poke
and laugh a gaspy little shrill.

are you hungry? Go on, have dinner
the meat, tender and raw
go on, I feed myself to you
Why? Do I owe you so much for...
for... life has such...something.

but eat, and stuff feces down the pipes
clog them up, spill and overflow
black putrid cells cling and clot
and stench rises through the chimneys
out through the nostrils

I have lungs! I breath in!
all a swampy marsh
for you to stomp feet deep in the mud
and laugh at the sound that it makes.
and yes, I laugh too.

and you, dear creatures, crouched,
heads bowed, ravaging greedily
on some bloody sop of mine,
I sicken of you, or from you
and yet you remain

You feast on me, my mother
and her father too. You finished him off,
won a battle in the marshy trenches.
And he, hero, never laughed.
Well go now.

I ask the priests to cleanse this house.
they are powerless, so am I.
little speck of turbulence
you will bring this kingdom
to its ruin.