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song of the strings

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  • song of the strings

    song of the strings

    a heart beats for you,
    thumping out almost steadily.
    many beats, beat into a hum,
    the sound of bees in a hive.

    busy, busy making more,
    more honey, more walls,
    more babies to feed,
    more places to put them.

    to make more. that is all there is,
    universal consistency,
    the song of the strings,
    and yet it seems so...

    Crawling quickly on a window pane,
    I see he's gone astray
    from tiny blue flowers.
    lost his way?

    or found a new one?
    can he hear
    the song, as I do not?
    Feel it with antennae?

    I touch the other side of the glass
    tap, tap, you feel that?
    and so fly away.
    ...I'm alone.

    soft linen again, near you, one last time,
    rest for old skin.
    end of a young soul,
    or the start.

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