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Understanding Alcoholism

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  • Understanding Alcoholism

    Understanding Alcoholism
    By Michael L. Smith, JR.
    Las Vegas, NV

    Alcohol's an addiction
    Too much leaves you heavin' and twitchin'
    It doesn't work with addition
    Only subtracts the things from your life you'll really be missin'

    And there's a moment when your body screams "Enough's enough!"
    "That last drink was too much, don't fill up that cup!"
    "Your body's just not that tough!"
    "What about your job, your life? Think about your son!"

    Or your brother, or your daughter
    If you're young think of your father
    Anybody in your life that your addiction's startin' to bother
    Cause they of all people know you're killing yourself like a lamb to slaughter

    I know because I watched my old man spiral out of control
    Eyes starting to bulge, anger starting to flow
    His mind would go and he'd stumble around all slow
    Wake up the next day hungover and feelin' low

    But the process would repeat
    He'd never admit defeat
    He couldn't say he was wrong because his addiction couldn't be beat
    He wanted to stop but was always enticed by another drink

    His behavior would take a turn
    All help he would start to spurn
    In order to feel that alcohol's unhealthy burn
    It consumed him in a fire so hot that he would yearn
    For just another bottle, he would never learn

    He wouldn't admit the beer caused him to have fits
    Couldn't accept the anger he let out, but we felt it
    He couldn't see that his emotions boiled in a pit
    Unleashed by the alcohol as soon as it hit
    But bring up his addiction just once, well, a fist is what you get

    Or the threat of one rather
    Cause nothing else in the world seemed to matter
    The mood swings were ignored just like the mad hatter's
    And in the end the point was missed I struck out, so call the next batter

    So I cried, I cried until my voice was hoarse
    Couldn't understand why my dad felt no remorse
    After his hands had been wrapped so hard around my throat
    And somehow it was my fault? Of course

    Of course it was me
    I just couldn't see that I was the one pushing him to be so terribly mean
    It was me causing the problems in between
    And I couldn't possibly deny the fault that rested at my feet

    But I shouldered the blame that wasn't mine
    Accepted I was at fault time after time
    Let it eat at me so much in an effort to rewind
    That the guilt almost made me lose my waning mind

    And I was wrong, or I was right, I can't remember which
    Found myself at the point where I was successfully bewitched
    Into thinking if I let it go my life might just switch
    Into a state where things would go my way without a single hitch

    But it wasn't me, it was the alcohol, see
    Alcoholics tend to try to warp reality
    Lay their issues and their mistakes at someone else's feet
    Just so they can go on drinking, whoopee

    It took some time to realize I had to open my eyes
    Had stop trying to deny what I knew in my mind
    That my own father had become blind
    To the problems alcohol was causing all this time

    So I couldn't forgive, but I tried to forget
    Moved on and tried not to regret
    Eventually I just didn't fret
    Over the issues that weren't mine to deal with just yet
    Walked away from any problems I met
    And put an end to the drama, game, match, set

    In the end I wasn't responsible
    For the things my father did be they ugly or comical
    Under that drug called alcohol it's hard to be logical
    So I finally did forgive even if the offense was astronomical
    My only fear now is...
    That the addiction's biological...