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    Child’s Vision

    Colours, so vivid
    Beauty to behold
    Wide-eyed in wonder
    As rainbow unfolds

    Scent of a blossom
    And yet so much more
    Magic of nature
    Each petal’s implore

    Touch of a soft breeze
    In gentle embrace
    Invisible fingers
    Caressing small face

    Seasons hold marvel
    Can’t comprehend
    Simply a miracle
    At each’s impend

    Hatred has no home
    And race, no imply
    All are just people
    Sharing one sky

    No proof is needed
    Enough to believe
    Life holds no limits
    All can be achieved

    Love, unconditional
    Trust without fear
    Frailty of nurture
    Painted in tears

    We lose with age
    Vision of what’s real
    Captive of ideals
    That won’t let us feel