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    His Plan

    It is said things happen for a reason,
    all things have a time and a season.
    When it happens, we may not understand.
    Might even question the use of God’s hand,
    but, the end result is always the same,
    for the good of those, who Praise His Name.
    Most of us stop and question why,
    as we kneel in prayer and gaze at the sky.
    Answers are usually not revealed.
    We must live the life that God has dealed,
    and only have to put it all in His hands.
    Believe in Me rings out through the lands.
    Biblical words sent by Him to comfort us all,
    to get us to stop and heed His loving call,
    to let go of all of the worldly things,
    trust in Him and the plan that He brings.
    Belief, Faith, Trust, Grace and Hope,
    He gives to all helping us to cope,
    with all things in their time and season,
    especially when we cannot see the reason.