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    Lost Childhood

    Etchings of a childhood painted dark and streaked with pain
    Forever in his memories have imbedded a life-long stain
    Staring at the closet where imprisoned he had cried
    Scratches from his fingernails still imprinted deep inside
    Patches still visible on walls he’d been pushed through
    As trying to protect his sister, dad’s punches he’d take in lieu
    Salty stains upon the floor where once had been his bed
    From many frightened, sleepless nights and fearful tears he shed
    Blood stains in the bathroom were not visible by day
    Seemed to glow in shadows when the light was held at bay
    Sounds of muffled pleading, his mother bleeding, crouched in fear
    As she took his violent beatings, to this day assaults his ears
    The sound of his little sister crying, hidden beneath her bed
    So frightened that he’d hear her sobs and turn on her instead
    The sounds of screams and sobbing still echo through the halls
    Forever trapped inside this house where no one heard their calls
    This house now stands empty but the stench of fear’s still strong
    The phantoms of their terror long held captive here belong
    The bruising and the beatings now a part of his distant past
    But etched inside his mind and soul the memories forever last
    He made a vow to God and man that day he left this place

    Never a violent word or thought would he let his soul embrace
    And to this promise he kept true and has guarded with his life
    Witnessed by his four-year old who has never known such strife
    He turns around and walks away, memory bruised again by pain
    Once he safely leaves this house, glances back with great disdain
    Then taking his son’s hand in his own he looks at him with love
    Says from those depths of suffering you will always be held above
    He knows he will never return as he drives toward their future
    With silent promise to his son that with love will he be nurtured