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Out of My Depth

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  • Out of My Depth

    Out of My Depth

    He glimmered and he glistened
    On a drift I couldn’t catch
    He betted to the heavens
    With a bid I couldn’t match

    His nature was beyond me
    Disarmed, I stopped responding
    To him, I owed a debt
    I was out of my depth

    I questioned my perception
    For a glimpse into his summer
    I warred without exception
    Fought the fight to wear his color

    Yet, despite his choir’s resonance
    His words did not take residence
    To him, I owed a debt
    The dots did not connect

    I couldn’t comprehend
    I didn’t understand
    The way of his word
    And the laws of my land

    Resolved I wouldn’t get Him
    Absolved myself of guilt
    To Him, I owed a debt
    I was out of my depth
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