I’ve tried and tried
To be so understanding
I’ve stood upstanding
Been so appreciative
Sympathetic, empathetic
When others have not been so supportive
I’ve tried and tried
But it makes me tired
The wrangling, wrangling
Of the tolerant tolerating the intolerant
They just don’t seem to understand
They’d rather do it underhand
Even backhand
Their indulgent
Not giving anyone a chance
A voice, a choice
Their voices drowning
Faces frowning
Self-indulgent just clowning
Why must we be understanding?
Or are we just being mis-understanding?
To the misunderstood
Who won’t let us be understanding!
Their misunderstood
Our easy-going nature
Our easy-going stature
We totally understand
There is no underhandedness
We just need the understanding
We’re totally upstanding
We have great sympathy!
We show our empathy
So why can we not be so understanding?
Understanding we are different
Yet some show indifferent
It is not always the case to be totally
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
6th January 2015