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  • Love's Facade

    The love I'd given you was thick, though wearing thin
    Thin enough to dispense from the pockets of my eyes
    Yet too damn thick, my heart suffered harrowing cries
    and not a word I said pierced your scaly dragon skin

    In that very moment, you filed your nails like a violin
    Your emery board scuffs the fatal tune as if to reprise
    Gesturing your facial ways, reveling your pathetic lies
    Refusing to mend errors and never to have loved within

    No matter how much I tried to love every inch of you,
    Your heart impulsively recoiled like a measuring tape
    thoughtlessly saying, "It is not enough you big fat ape"
    Never measuring up to your standards, only for a screw

    Through that cold blood, something would always brew
    Slowly would I notice that everything was a great debate
    Lover's diversion failed to realize that, on our first date
    Causing a contradiction from what I've known and knew

    I had figured that there was only one thing you wanted
    I gave you that and everything else without hesitation
    After your needs were fulfilled, I became a manifestation
    Days were empty like my mind and my heart well unwanted

    There was nothing I could do and she knew it as well
    As faithful as I was and as damaged I slowly became
    Insane was the name of her malignant confidence game
    Weakening, dispelling my soul with her whispers of hell

    I loved once again, and yet I failed with the wrong person
    I could not experience what I wanted so I decided to eject
    I ran as fast as I could but my exit faded with every step
    I felt a spell since my heart had visualized another version

    I was trapped and I could no longer speak or scream pain
    Imaginative and creative I was, I could not think of felicity
    Her voice, for some reason, licked and lured me into toxicity
    Drained I was, I searched for ways to avoid her complain

    I was done pursuing what does not want me or to be nourished
    "Now take your perfume from here and please, leave me alone!"
    Unworthy, I splashed myself with her flammable gift cologne
    Relieving affliction, lit up with a warmth I've always cherished