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Living With PTSD

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  • Living With PTSD

    I was never a soldier across the seas
    Hated and blamed for my past
    Called crazy and I swear I'm not
    The blood dripping and the phone off the hook
    What is PTSD people ask

    Understand that it's waking up screaming every night
    Understand that it's flashbacks of that very day
    Understand that it's jumping at every little noise
    Understand that it's anxiety that just wont quit
    Understand that it's crying because you're broken
    Understand that it's giving up on everything
    Understand that it's the feeling of hopelessness because you can't be cured

    You're medicated and you cope, but it doesn't help much
    Don't ask us what happened and don't say it's ok
    It's not ok, we relive it every day of our lives
    No one with a mental illness asked for it
    And more than anything we try to hide it

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    Very, very nice No doubt. And yet we somehow, someway, at some time, smile through the rain... Great poem


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      I love this poem. It needs to be published... it needs to be shared....

      May I share this? Your credit, of course.


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      PTSD is... ah... something that occurs when you have experienced a terrible event, right?
      It just keeps reaccuring in your head...


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        Beautiful. Very touching.


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          Wow - a hard write, I'm sure but hopefully it helped. Yes, people have such a hard time understanding what they themselves do not experience. I cannot completely understand what you must go through, but I am certain it is not easy. To relive is much more painful than going through it only the first time. Hopefully you can find a way to heal. Beautiful poem.


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            Hope you are too much feels about your life. Don't be desperate about your past. Live it in your present. Everything will be fine soon. If you still having problem in your mind you should met a meditation center. Where you will get your mind back. The best therapist will help you to make everything fine. Go with their guides and make your mind relaxed from ayurvedic treatments in Kerala.


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              i and others i have known share this sameness. hearing laughter around, hurts. i know how you feel. thankz for sharing.