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  • you are the reason

    What is this we become? Why do I feel this way? What is this familiar pain that makes my heart slowly decay... I don't know who you are...even as I would lay next to you in bed..
    But across the room you stand from me..
    Thoughts of our family take over my head..
    It's only a matter of time before I fall off of your grid....but then its only a matter of time.. The next one to hurt is our kid... How do I explain to this angel... That there is such thing as broken wings... As he insist differently.." Momma there is no such thing"
    But honey not everyone changes some arnt built that way...and not everyone remains the is what you make it..its your effort is how far you will get...the lesson is don't hurt the people that love the ones that want to can love the others from a distance....just don't let your heart get it the way... Time will fix everything ....time is on our side... It's what we all choose to do with our what makes us feel so alive...
    Don't ever hang your head baby...always remember to keep pushing.. No matter how rough things get... Remember your happiness is what's most important...and that is one of the hardest to ask yourself.. What makes you happy??? When you find it you will know... Just run with it never question it and hold onto it no matter how much it can hurt...never let it go... Because you deserve that happiness at its best..and you fight for it at its worst... So the lesson here is dont give up on each other life is to short...
    Momma and Daddy will always love each other maybe one day well come together to be the family you deserve..but you are mg everything... You are the air I breathe ...
    You are the sun that makes my world shine..
    You are the blood that makes my heart beat.. You are my angel .. YOU ARE THE REASON for me being...for you I live...!