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Country Song #11

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  • Country Song #11

    I've got a man who's been no damn good his whole life
    I take care of him & pick him up when he's too drunk drive
    I'm quite aware that he fancies another
    Now all I want to know is if he loves me
    Or does he love her...

    I've done all I can
    To hang on to this man
    Now I'm so lost...

    I understand she might be more pretty and young
    But does she know how to please a man?
    & does she speak out when I'd hold my tongue?

    I've done all I can
    To hang on to this man
    But at what cost?

    Did he think that I wouldn't notice
    How he spent all of his time?
    Did he think I couldn't smell her on him
    When he came home late in the night?
    I would've left long ago if I would've known
    This is how it would end
    I'll never love again...

    -Jake Ryan
    Wichita, KS