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  • As She Sleeps- Contest Entry

    As She Sleeps

    As she sleeps and time goes by,
    I would sit back and wonder, why, Lord, why?
    Days would come and evenings go,
    But yet she sleeps, and ages, ever so slow.
    Children have grown, and grandchildren anew,
    Yet she sleeps, and time for her, has never flew.
    All the seasons’ winter, spring, summer and fall,
    Yet she sleeps through the year, not missing them at all.
    There were times her eyes were open, I thinking that she was awake,
    Yet she sleeps, with no memory of special moments to take.
    When she awakens, there will be so much catching up I fear
    In the meantime while she sleeps, I will still hold her so close and dear.
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