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  • In My Hometown

    In my hometown we drink whiskey
    But not the good kind
    We kiss girls we don’t mean too
    All the time

    We got wives at home & they’re
    Always on our minds
    & we’re always a quarter away
    From a dime

    So write your letters, & say your thanks
    Send it across the riverbank
    We’re stuck out here & we’re all alone
    Yet we don’t wanna go home...

    There’s a bar not very far from my house
    Where everybody knows my name
    I spend every day
    Exactly the same

    Sunday morning people rise up for church
    I wake up & walk down the street
    I walk through the bar door & on to the floor
    & dance with every woman
    That I meet

    So say your prayers & get on your knees
    Cos in this place Christ is all you need
    We’re stuck out here with no where to go
    But please, don’t make us go home...

    -Jake Ryan
    Wichita, KS