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Silent Screams- Poetry Entry

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  • Silent Screams- Poetry Entry

    Silent Screams

    A young child who once had hopes and dreams,
    Thrown into a travesty, unable to scream.
    She doesn’t understand wondering
    “How can this be?”
    Before this she had the attitude that
    “Nothing can happen to me!”
    The she met him,
    That handsome man full of charm,
    That is when he abducted her,
    Feeling that needle pushed into her arm.
    When she awakens, she is moved from place to place,
    And sometimes cage to cage,
    Only to see that man no longer handsome,
    Beating her with fits of rage.
    Night and day, they come and go,
    Forcing themselves upon her for their own pleasure.
    Missing the life she that once had,
    Realizing that her family and friends was her true treasure.
    More drugs, more abuse, giving up and giving in is her only choice
    For these victims who are alone, who will be their voice?
    Silent Screams are in the air,
    Silent Screams are everywhere.
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