As I wait day and night
Her on a machine
This brings me too much fright
Having the pumps help her breathe
As I pray throughout the day
The ventilator of that she cannot wean
I sit there and watch her lay
On her own she cannot breathe
Remembering the days when she was well
Living our life, pursuing a dream
But for now she is but a shell
Listening to the machine breathe.
Waiting against hope upon hope
Chances of quality of life are lean
They say she may be at the end of her rope
I fight this, for her, I will breathe
As I look upon the morning skies
I always tried to put her on a pedestal and treat her like a queen
Then I see the fluttering of her eyes
Shallow and slowly, she begins to breathe
She looks at me for desperation
I ask the doctors “what does this mean”
They make changes on her ventilation
To where on her own, she learns to breathe
Today, there are times she has to fight
Where the concentrator has to flash green
But I remember bringing her home that Christmas Eve night
That was when I could breathe.