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    My word is as my seed, to live further than me, past my grands, longer than any can be, they live as I, floating and free, for thousands of names for all to see, lets toil the ponder, from sea to sea, and stern from yonder with key from thee. Unlocking the minds of the ignorant, putting balance into motion, showing the shy at heart, that we all have devotions. The dry at mouth are soothed with the lotion from the words of my mind, that dance like the ocean, the waves pour blue, as everyday is meant to rue, man is solemn and he has no clue, he spits his word as hateful goo, and spews his sin to infect like flu. From the beginning of time we've been due to fail, but we've thrived on this land and grew from our tails, but now we tell tales that trust not for the pale, for light fell to darkness, and greed was his tale, so shoo away powder, and bring me back peace, for light is the white that's the puzzles missing piece. This generation makes up the nation, that seeps the worlds deprivation, but with dedication, saturation, and a little bit of patience, together we'll seal away all the hate that we've been facin. But you have to ask yourself why? Why do we even try? Why do we let this oppression continue to fly? Why do guys try to impress their guys even though it defies the very rules to comply? Why do we continue to cry, even though we havent spoke until our mouths are dry? Why? Why do we all have to die? And age, being afraid of the stage of our phrase that ends in upraise? Why cant we go out in a blaze of glory and ovation, that spreads like wildfire to all 4 corners of our nation? To give you a clue I do not give pity, because a sorry is a word echoed by the witty. Words can be twisted and coiled with binds, and that is my thought of ingenious design. A man in the sky that sits upon a silver line, watches over our words and speaks through us as a sign.

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    I especially liked the phrases -- "for light is the white that's the puzzles missing piece" and "putting balance into motion"