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ENTRY: Here's Your Apology

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  • ENTRY: Here's Your Apology

    Here's Your Apology

    Dear sister, dear friend,

    our allegiance has come to an end.
    Since you slayed our own reign, unstoppable and platonic
    you have spawned an apology, vengeful and ironic.

    I'm deeply sorry for all your lies,
    it's my fault that you hid yourself behind a guise.
    With each new fib your heart must've dried,
    to form the tears that I have cried.

    Forgive me for letting you be my guide,
    since I'm the sole reason that you shredded my pride.
    From your constant misleading ways I've realized
    a true friend like me doesn't deserve to be by your side.

    I apologize for letting you run my life,
    and now in my very back lies your own prized knife.
    After all these years I could've made you pay the price,
    but it would only fuel our immortal strife.

    From my sincere apology you should clearly see
    why all your wrongs you should be pinning on me.
    I can't see the perfect glow of your rays,
    because I know how you think I've put you behind a haze.

    Love your best friend in the whole wide world,