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The Child of Tomorrow

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  • The Child of Tomorrow

    You will wake unaware,
    You will come unprepared,
    Knowing nothing of saints and their devils.
    With a soul of soft clay,
    And no past to obey,
    You were born as the child of tomorrow.

    On you fate has bestowed
    A realm brimming with those
    Who are ready to lend you their hands;
    Each one claims to know how
    To best reap, to best sow,
    And bring riches to you and your lands.

    Should you heed every word,
    Rational or absurd,
    You will blanch with fear or be amazed--
    For each truth you are told,
    Spoken equally bold,
    Is another antipodal phrase.

    Will you yield to one side,
    And be deafened by cries
    Of implacable men and their quarrels?
    Ask your questions today,
    Lest your soul consolidates,
    And you give up your claim to tomorrow.
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    Interesting... well done... thank you.


    • Juste
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      Thanks for reading.

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    Liked your off rhymes.


    • Juste
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      Thank you.