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  • Closed Encouinters.

    I bumped into Dudley Moore
    while getting out of a limo
    in New York City,
    I was removing an
    1865 C.F. Martin guitar of mine,
    with a skeleton key lock

    hand-pegged coffin case,
    and was not paying attention
    to who was behind me.

    He said, 'Ello, excuse me.
    and smiled widely,
    as I apoligized briefly,
    never reaizing who he was.
    My girlfriend told me
    a few minutes later,
    just exactly who I'd
    brushed elbows with.

    The guitar is gone now,
    sold to some
    collecter of time,
    Dudley is gone too,
    time collected him.
    They both lie somewhere
    in the darkness
    of a coffin case.
    Icons of the 19th and
    20th century,
    one covered in dust,
    while the other
    tragically becomes it.

    Matthew F. Blowers III

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