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Interrupted Journey

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  • Interrupted Journey

    Interrupted Journey
    June 27, 2014

    Smoldering embers embitter my soul
    With revenge as the fuel, the fire will grow;
    The coal in the hopper burns white as the snow
    That train waits for me and I’m ready to go.

    Wheels of contempt hold the train to its track
    If hatred takes over there’s no turning back—
    The fire of my anger burns all in its path
    My grievance is just; let them weep at my wrath!

    The whistle is blowing, I hasten to board
    When the still, quiet voice that belongs to my Lord
    Says “Forgiven, then you must forgive, and discern
    That my Love, freely offered, is yours to return.”

    A flood of contrition is starting to flow
    Through the embers of anger, no longer aglow,
    When hatred’s extinguished the fire won’t start;
    A train without fuel can never depart.

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    Very nice poem and message.