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  • Estranged

    There is no understanding,
    We’re light years away.
    Shot down before landing,
    Consumed by the blaze.

    We’re dead without dying,
    Ignoring each other’s life.
    Gave up before trying,
    Stabbed without a knife.

    Too selfish to see,
    Too vain to bend,
    Won’t speak to agree,
    Rather fight than mend.

    We need not comprehend
    Different views of life;
    Listen and don’t offend,
    Acceptance will end strife.

    Seeing with opened eyes
    Ensures our basic rights.
    Foes change to allies,
    Understanding one another unites.

    John Northcutt Young
    Navarre, FL
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    For me personally, I think this would flow better if some of the contractions etc. were removed:

    There is no understanding:
    we were light years away.
    Shot down before landing
    and consumed in the blaze.

    No offence intended, forgive me for the modification. I thought it the easiest way to illustrate my point.


    • John Northcutt Young
      John Northcutt Young commented
      Editing a comment
      Of course not. That's how we grow. I was thinking about "we are" instead of "we were". Will ponder.