It’s fate that pulls us apart. The heart starts
And stops, mutters and splutters. It flutters at times,
Whines and cries at others. It’s a disease,
But please spare me your pity. Or witty remarks, all bark, no bite,
Fight or flight, I’m scared. Unprepared perhaps, for collapsing dreams,
I’m out of steam. Her eyes gleam and sparkle but all is dark
For me at least. The sun snuffed out, no doubt. A ring of light
Might it be? A solar eclipse. I’m bipolar it seems. Alive again,
Zen. Content to pretend the clock has stopped, broken or frozen.
Words unspoken. An explosion of emotions. Hope, I’ve chosen,
To cope I suppose. I know it’s futile, but she’s beautiful.
As usual, I see her and stop, tongue in knots. My thoughts
Illegible. Incredible how sense is lost. Defenestrated.
Elated? Feelings are overrated. How can I trust
Such variable data. Fatally flawed, odd how it surges
And plummets, encouraged then lost. Exhausted,
Crisscrossing notions, a whole ocean of passion.
Imagined reality, galaxies alight at night, stars in flight.
A wish amidst a meteor shower, powerless angels,
Tragically magical. Fantastic how fragile happiness shatters,
Dazzling shards bombarding the ground. No sound, speech is gone.
Like bleach, leeching colors. This is love, I’ve discovered.