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A True Story

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  • Electron.John
    What we would do for those we love...
    I liked it. Thanks for sharing.

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  • f.r.richards
    started a topic A True Story

    A True Story

    Many a story comes from World War II
    with the best and worst and suffering through.
    But just before Christmas, the middle of that
    conflict that was called the War in Iraq,
    a middle-age man who had lost his job
    (And was not willing to lie, steal or rob),
    enlisted as a private so he could keep
    medical coverage--the bills he would meet.
    No, it did not hit him what he had done.
    Basic training ended; that was no fun.
    Even the drill sergeants were half his age,
    but he managed to end up with their praise.
    The reason for all this was very clear:
    His wife needed chemotherapy dear.
    His wife opened the first letter from camp,
    but tears filled her eyes and fell on the stamp.
    The first love letter she ever received
    was so powerful she could not complete…
    T’was years later when this story made sense;
    his grown, pregnant daughter explained it hence.
    When she was asked to please make clear this stuff--
    cleared throat, wiped eyes and said: “That is true love.”