No one said it would be easy
And I understand this
But I'll continue to push
To get to the top of the list
My drive and determination
Is what makes me unique
Because things that should break me
Only makes me a bit weak
Whenever I'm let down
I get right back up
Because until I am a success
Then enough ain't enough
I would have never thought
I'd want something so desperately
And thinking I won't get it
Is too easy to believe
But if I give up now
That means giving up on me
And I may be many things
But a quitter I will never be
It may take long
But I'll get to my destination
I just have to stay positive
And continue to be patient
I learned early on
What God has for me
Can't be taken
And no matter the hardships
My faith cannot be shaken
I have to make smart moves
Because knowledge is power
So my competition
Is what I must devour
I respect myself
And others respect my grind
Happiness and success
Are the only things on my mind
In a room full of stars
I'm the one who shines the brightest
I'm at the top of my game
Which makes me the most highest
The talent that I have
Is somewhat a super power
I once was a seed
Who bloomed into a pretty flower
When it's all said and done
I'll get exactly what I want
Because this is what happens
When you never give up!