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  • TEACHING Poetry Contest Entry

    Looking ‘round the classroom in the eyes of 20 souls,
    Some are old, some are young, all with different goals,
    Some are eager, some bewitched, some ready to go.
    All have paid their money, and they claim they want to know
    The subject of the class I teach, ‘cause I’m a teaching pro.
    They think that I can show them how to hit the mother lode,
    And gather some credentials, how to break the secret code
    To bring them riches, wealth and fame in the next episode.
    I look around the room and say, “Look, you just don’t know.”

    That’s where it all begins when you can say you just don’t know.
    It’s where the nonsense ends when you can say you just don’t know.
    I see my words offend because you won’t say you don’t know.

    The first one is the Egghead who’s sharp and smart and bright.
    Seems like she came to learn, but she wants only to be right.
    I get Lost Souls who come to hang with no career in sight.
    And that’s all good but when they’re put to work they want to fight.

    The Rebel plays and stays behind a wall where you can’t reach him.
    He sits and stares at the teachers there and dares someone to teach him.
    The Robot student comes, but wants some one to do it for him.
    And the Slacker is convinced that this nonsense is simply boredom.
    The Bean Counter can only care for how you’re gonna score him.
    The Class Clown acts a straight up fool so no one will ignore him.

    The Player comes with major game and plays it loose and fast.
    Plays students, teachers and the school and puts his courses last.
    Doesn’t show, does little work, thinks somehow he can pass.
    And when he asks for grades, I say,“Are you even in my class?”

    But every now and then I find someone who comes for real
    And only wants to grow and learn regardless of the deal,
    Regardless of her grade and how she feels or what she knows.
    She understands that knowledge benefits her best and shows
    In ways that can’t be graded, not on quizzes not in tests,
    Not even in a PhD across a business desk.
    Beause an educated brain won’t take what’s second best.
    A nimble mind is so damn hard for people to oppress.

    So when I see someone who’s open and is free
    To do a job for what it’s worth and then do it willingly,
    Well, at those times I’m overjoyed because it’s hard to see
    Am I the one who’s teaching you, or are you teaching me?

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      I liked this poem a lot. It made me think of when I inadvertently got involved with substitute teaching and gained some new respect for educators.


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        I liked your end rhymes good job The kurlman