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Preludes - Poetry Prize entry

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  • Preludes - Poetry Prize entry


    AS SUMMER evening settles in
    her sultry breath breathes through backwoods.
    Sunset kneels to misty mountains
    and long forgotten worldly goods.
    The rusted pail, the wagon wheel
    will not conceal the Trail of Tears
    that carried feet through many days
    and many nights - or hide mistreat
    of folks that wore a distinct face
    or lived a life, now incomplete,

    I thought about their lights going out
    as darkness set my stars about.

    I woke to drifting cooler air
    And yet could not forget my thoughts -
    I wondered why the world repeats
    injustices and warring feats. And who am I?
    but just a face that in my prime seeks out
    new peace while brothers stalk the streets
    of time, committing scenes of passing crimes.

    Iraq, Iran, the Middle East
    will not contend that life is sweet -
    they wake the women from their sleep
    and shake the children’s place of peace
    and threaten all who don’t agree
    that their way weaves religious truths
    into a plan that oft’ confuses
    all that I believe!

    Another Trail of Tears evolves
    As others walk that lonely path
    Forget that what was once unknown
    has come to raise some souls homegrown
    and terror wears a brand new face.

    For those who thought the human race
    was making strides for tolerance
    now find those thoughts have gone
    askance and darkness reigns
    in sultry sands as I await relief ...

    Good grief, I say, as women weep
    and men remember long-gone years -
    when missions caught folks unaware
    and forced them on that trail of tears!

    © 2014 Joy A. Burki-Watson

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    Waydownuponjoy, I copied those poems and sent them to loisvain in a private message and asked her to repost them as new topics then I deleted them from your topic.
    I liked you poem by the way.