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  • Your Best Regret

    I'll bite my tongue this time
    There's no reason to make you think I'm not fine
    You won't lower a hand or bat an eye
    I'll pick myself up this time

    Don't hold your breath or cross your fingers
    I'll move on, only pain will linger
    Those stories have never been my plan
    What can I say with no attention span
    I'll be Dory, you'll be Nemo
    You were never mine to find

    Stop the bullshit and stop your drama
    I don't need your take, I've found nirvana
    Drown your worries like your sobriety
    I'm here to watch you sink silently
    You drink like a drowning fish
    Are you proud of what you've accomplished?

    I'll hold my head above the water,
    You'll follow like lambs to the slaughter
    You're not as high as you once thought
    To think you could swim was a long shot.
    After all you've done, what did you expect?
    I was meant to be your best regret.

    You'll never understand the storm you sent me,
    Capsized my ship, I was lost at sea
    It took drowning to find my way
    Found my footing, I know what to say
    Tables turned, taste your own medicine
    Tastes like regret and depression
    To me

    I won't let my guard down
    I'll turn my back on this whole town.
    Take my advice, do the same, but you won't listen
    I know what's it's like to want to given
    I'm not here to hurt, I'll keep my distance.

    What you feel is what you deserve
    Now bury your head in the dirt,
    I've burned our bridge, now get over it
    Don't tell me you're sorry when it's all bullshit.
    I wonder if it's me you missing
    Or the way I've stopped reminiscing.
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    This is the kind of poem that I am sure makes more sense to the people involved than to the outside reader. It sounds like the author had a relationship with someone that did something to end the relationship (broke up?) but now wants to get back together with the author whom says he is done but sounds like he still cares. There is a bit of a mixed message coming thorough IMO. I like the title and the recurring water theme. I felt it was longer than it needed to be and contained too many over used phrases (lamb to slaughter, burned bridge, head in dirt, lost at sea, turn my back, don't hold your breath, etc). The line "I know what's like to want to given" seems like it should be " want to give". I liked the lines "You drink like a drowning fish" and "I was meant to be your best regret" best. Thanks for sharing it.