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D.I.E. (Damned Into Eternity)

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  • D.I.E. (Damned Into Eternity)

    You had it all
    You had everything
    Until you fucked up
    Now you lose everything
    Your home, your love, your life
    See it all sink and burn
    On your own, all your fault
    There is no return

    Now, feel the pain
    Be damned into eternity
    Stop crying these fake tears
    This is reality

    You're in this mess
    You're in a state of despair
    Down a deep black hole
    Who said that life wasn't fair?
    Your soul, your heart and your life
    Feel it shrivel up and dissolve
    Divine punishment, the time has come
    Evil shall not be absolved

    You never loved nor cared
    You never spoke the truth
    You had a thrill for a kill
    Hell is best for you
    Now, die for all your sins​