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  • Heartbeat Symphony

    In the quiet hush
    A subtle serenade begins–
    “Dun Dun, dun dun, dun dun!”
    As I surrender to slumber, I ask
    “What Is this sound I hear?”
    A sound not felt within
    Although it’s near,

    A slow lullaby,
    from beating drums,
    Playing unheard rhythms
    without the tips of the thumbs,
    Travelling in the river of my pulse
    From the sweet symphonies of waltz;

    Each beat holds and deploys-
    Gentle hidden notes bringing us joy,
    Also, sadness for the broken
    From hurtless pains, that’s unspoken;

    with heart in hand, I drift
    in sound travelling through
    left palm’s sensitive terrain–
    “Dun dun, dun dun, Dun dun!”
    "What is this sound?" I ask again,
    Is this a whispered reminder
    of life’s steady rhythms that remain?​

    As I rest so soft and deep,
    I listen to the sound of life
    in my heart's loving keep.​
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