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  • jack-o'-lantern

    put your face in close
    brimming flames of rose
    the teeth cut by a knife
    in an obscure face of death
    the inviting grin
    so let us look upon these now
    illuminating shadows whole

    centers filled with magic
    long-lost seeds gutted from

    noisome chatter
    as voices cluster

    crackling in the air
    a little stem stuck there
    hemmed with earth

    so lowly it sits
    plump and orange--

    with the face of a man
    or some captured god,--

    a spell put upon
    to ward off the evil one:

    as the moon takes off
    its layers, one by one,
    concocting shadows

    put your face in and peer
    as the burning effigy wilts
    just a flit and just a jilt:
    it keeps the darkness lit--
    and jealous so without a word,--
    its secret is forever ours.