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  • "Espionage"

    Why is it so easy for secrets to control? Is it because of a specific weakness within our ... character? Are secrets justified, and who does the ratio as far as the value of secrets vs the value of human life and the liberty to pursue justice, and a life you want? What about ideas? How many real ideas do we have that are genius, or could really do something? Are ideas even monetized? It's scary to imagine these things in a world where computers are making it increasingly easier to slip past radars, all while intelligence if is going up, does not correlate with a "morality" that is increasing or actually becoming more. The older men won't teach most youngers; the bad scenarios will bring us down, yet we'll see the manifest outcomes much different than anyone says: per usual. Love can be thrown around like a fork and the world could be decaying beneath the lack of life truly being lived. Sense could just as well be a spider's nest of political fueled fields of operation; love, literature could become as stale and cardboard as an empty carton of eggs; and could do just as much. Trees not commodities but nuisances; opinions not really debatable, the covert bard and thorn and sting, of the highest covenant: words like LIES and ABSOLUTE put together so that between our aching, praying souls, we might find reprieve from that buzzing which is unheard, only felt when we're far enough away from something we can't fathom. And once we get a breath of this distance, we're nauseated, depression blackens us, and it's a different life: Lifeless and isolated and sprung-upon. You no longer wish to speak with any 'someone' because the entirety of your foundation's cracked, and it only goes to show you're still thinking about someone--everybody else. Because you gracefully climb through the cracks, back into the holes you had found.