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  • Future's eterne

    here's to a future
    where we each who have a loving
    burning beating heart love. so much
    that we would love everyone on earth.
    we all exist, and it is our existence.
    no motion is closest; no action is safest.
    i love you and sometimes I'm broken
    and imperfectly put together by me.
    here's a future to our own ends,
    beginning right now
    for us to spend enjoying experiences
    together. together again. let's let
    to see the steam rise from grates anew,
    our own center, hole, and seed,
    and spew forth our maddened core,--
    laughing, let us hide that part
    behind the shuttered longevity
    placing its face in my brain and riding
    long enough down the road
    I'm conginzant of to keep driving,
    into the divine void beyond striving.
    and let my cross this ivy
    with holly and the evergreen outside:
    picking up my heart from between
    a past where it had never seen.
    Now waking me up, it makes me
    Remember this Mystery IS forever!‚Äč