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  • brokenheart playground

    the slide is cracked in half;
    doors to
    sour morning sunshine barred
    beneath the neat
    scarred earth fuming with feet
    messages are left
    buzzing and etched in time

    the swings are hanging ropes;
    life in the tunnel swallows
    me, and there stings a memory
    touched with a word
    it seems like a century
    hovering in this stone, this wood

    this water where we stood:
    and ghosts won't find a way
    and love sounds that perpetual,
    synced with the blood
    chiming in the grass, in the sky ...
    where you swore
    we'd play forever

    flat beneath my feet, it still moves,
    a childhood full of reproof:
    it still sings and lives
    and smiles because it is;
    I found this place again when
    nobody was around, so I kept
    circling until I found,

    on the bent merry-go-round,
    sun shone and arched and threw
    shapes of what we knew,
    it wheeled at our toes, we grasped
    fears, hearts supplanted there,
    so it sounded like it stopped:
    and I gathered in the dust
    and the silence was so strong,

    enough to bring me down there
    to the bottom of the stairs
    where you hid for your life; you were
    disappearing because I couldn't find
    you. everyone else
    revolving around that spot,
    listens to the reprieve
    in the playground of the brokenhearts.

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