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    lost in lullabies lured by song
    ocean of despair drowning me slowly
    void all in encompassing it wont be long
    escape impossible my departure unholy
    drawn to my end by a creature so lowly

    (Lil rusty its been a min)

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    This was interesting and yeah I was a bit unsure as to how to read it, as in what inflections or stresses were necessary. But it made me think that it itself sounds or seems to be musical like that and especially when drawn out, to make a point. Otherwise with a piece like this one could decide which parts need punctuation, if one finds a definite pattern--although punctuation might make it a lil messier looking. Anyway good little ditty--it really sets the mood by its trailing off...


    • DepressingPoem
      DepressingPoem commented
      Editing a comment
      It was supposed to be a little off-putting so i tried stressing every other line in weirder ways kinda making it lead weirdly idk it was a good bit ago