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Twilight Dirge

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  • Twilight Dirge

    Autumn is a great mirror of my spirit--
    when it comes with its lyrics
    bursting forth in scaled leaves,
    and pushes; past the broken sewerlid,
    and the pool of concrete scars,
    tonight; it is great and moving
    in this current, I subside.

    For a spell your wanton secret pact
    broke my even,--
    I resolved past this shard of the world
    to be indebted to the curl
    as flames consubstantiate the claim,
    and my fingers of fire go
    so still again.

    it was just the other way I saw it go--
    it looked to me like a shadow,
    and somehow, breathing dust,
    it spit the light, the sky beheld.
    and then we imagined its Spirit there
    beautiful, longing to change.
    we observed a lack of fear

    stemming from the broken watch
    piled on the ground with gears
    this story interested us
    so much to it, and so much thought;--
    let it die in this tender
    dark before it ever sees another
    side to that old burning mystical tree.‚Äč