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Corrupted Words

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  • Corrupted Words

    I wish I can hear you so clearly
    But somehow, I'm not hearing your voice
    Harsh static between close associates
    How do you expect me to relate to you
    When there's only the noise?

    I wish I can lend an ear
    But conversations aren't the same anymore
    Broken sentences with a friend, now the estranged
    What the hell did you ever take me for?

    How am I supposed to hear you
    When you not who you're supposed to be?
    How am I supposed to understand you
    Through corrupted words?

    It's a shame that it's come to this
    We got along so well, until the day has come
    I thought I'd made a friend, but now I shall depart
    A distorted image without a true human voice
    This is what you've become‚Äč