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I Never Met an Alien I Didn't Like

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  • I Never Met an Alien I Didn't Like

    I started this one in 2012 , finally it " landed " enjoy

    I Never Met an Alien I Didn't Like ( c ) Glen Mitton 2023

    I never met an alien I didn't like
    That is , one from Outer Space !
    If ever one was to say , " drop in "
    I would go out and greet it with some grace

    I pray that they'd land in my backyard
    And whatever it is , kinda looks like me or you
    I hope I wouldn't lose any of my " faculties "
    ' cause that would be a fine " how do you do " !

    The first thing I'd do is take some pictures
    And post them to my ," media site "
    I know I have to be real careful
    But then maybe ,I would get some , " likes " !

    I know I wouldn't stop loving God
    The Ten Commandments would still be on my wall
    I hope that I wouldn't , change at all
    " but I admit , I would be struck with awe "

    If one were to land at the White House
    It's sad to think all of the coming arbitration
    Not because they got past , Our Air Force
    Now they'd have to deal with immigration !

    I'd have like a 100 million questions
    Like , what is this " baby's " M-P-G ?
    I'd get into it without any hesitation
    Then I could yell ," Hey Ma look at me " !

    I'd even help and try to protect them
    From all those creepy , " men in black "
    " ET " would really be proud of me
    Because no matter what , I wouldn't crack !

    It'd be nice if Hollywood was humble
    Saying , " forgive us for getting it so wrong "
    We were just " relating " , what was " fed to us "
    But the " coming attractions " wont be long !

    All I know is , it would be such a relief
    Shifting some " tales " in reverse
    Though the only thing that I'd be , " high fiving "
    We weren't the only ones in this universe !

    I know in my heart these " evil leaders "
    Are itching to unveil Their , " antichrist "
    All they are is , " emotional bleeders "
    Willing to do anything , at any price !

    So if We had any sense of dignity
    We'd place a big billboard on the moon
    Stating , " The earth is closed for remodeling "
    Keep it moving , and We hope too see you soon !

    Making a wish ! , the end

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