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    Maga vs Mega ( c ) Glen Mitton 2023

    I am a true believer God sent " Nikola Tesla " to " this Country " for a reason
    I'm 100% sure it wasn't so " his invention " would partake in any Treason !
    These corrupt officials want you and I , and our children to be in the dark
    By taking away our " means of daily life " a walk in the park " , Nikola Tesla
    Could of chosen the " Rhine Falls Schaffhausen " , Europe's largest waterfall
    His dream of coming " West " I believe was divine intervention to " Benefit All " !
    So you can keep your Maga Hats , but keep your hands off my Mega Watts !
    If you think the latter doesn't matter , your brain is fried and tied in knots
    Food and energy is the " focus " of all these corrupt and evil men
    And when I say " focus " , I don't mean messing with any lens !
    All of evil's output , can't hold a candle to Our " Liberty's Torch "
    Electricity is a " God send " and so are friends on my front porch !
    Keep your Maga Hats , but it's the Mega Watts that make my day
    Any " regime " that wants " to pull the plug " can just go away
    Long live Nikola Tesla and the United States of America
    Power to the People everywhere !