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  • Fantasy

    Enter a magical place
    Sounds and sights galore
    Audiovisual overload

    Look around and take in
    The experience
    That you never had
    Captivated, delirious

    Then you see the girl
    Of your most wildest dreams
    Approach with confidence
    Your heart skips a beat

    From small talk to success
    Somehow you've won her heart
    Take her hand into new worlds
    Take her hand into your world
    But in reality
    You wouldn't go this far

    In a city of make-believe
    There's always happiness
    And sunshine
    Never the bitterness

    If there is one mistake
    You erase it
    And pretend
    It never happened

    So with the prize that you've got
    Made especially for you
    Take her hand into new worlds
    Take her hand into your world
    And if you're lucky, take her into bed
    But only in a fantasy
    Where you can't face the truth

    Sheer insanity
    Believing in a fantasy
    Too scared to be with reality
    Living and lost in fantasy

    So where would this story end
    With the girl
    Of your sickest dreams?
    Will it be the end of the world?

    Don't think that in real life
    You can get
    What you want
    There are choices to regret

    Everything was all in your head
    You long wished your life was this way
    Where everything is what you make it
    Where everything is happy, flawed and fake
    Forever in a saccharine world of fantasy
    Never to wake​

    Simply based on this little oddity.

    Yeah, have a go at it (if you wish) and you'll know exactly what I meant with it...

  • #2
    Best surrender your checklist
    Of women you'd have sex with
    ​​​​​​Never be reckless with women
    Nor accept less without exception.

    Shes prolly your best friend
    Shes got the very best trim.
    She's very sexy dressed prim
    ​​​​​Shes the pick you need to win.